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100s of Easton Press and Franklin Library Books for Sale !!

The Franklin Library, a division of The Franklin Mint, was a publisher of fine collector edition books from the early 1970s until 2000. Known for beautiful leather bindings, Franklin Library books were published in three styles: full leather, leather-like cloth (leatherette), and quarter-bound leather.

Books features:

  • bound in fine genuine leather with 22 karat gold decorations (full leather books)
  • all page edges gilded with 22 karat gold (some in silver)
  • raised spine hubs
  • sewn-in satin ribbon bookmarks (full and quarter leather)
  • high quality paper
  • silk moire fabric endpapers (full leather only)
  • sewn pages for strength and durability



Full Leather  

Bound in full leather with 22 karat gold dcorations and gilded endpaper (all thre sides); raised spine hubds; sewn-in ribbon marker; high quality paper; silk moire fabric endpapers; sewn pages for strenght and durability



Imitation Leather or Leatherette (Cloth Material)

The Imitation Leather editions or Leatherette or Cloth Material - just a cheaper version of the full leather editions. These books are bound in Imitation Leather - Leatherete (Cloth Material) looks similar to a leather. Leatehrette books do not have the silk page marker or silk moire endpaper. Some of the books have silver decorations on the spine and covers as well as endpapers edges.


Quarter-Bound Leather         

The Quarter-Bound Leather meaning that the spines were covered in Leather (for an identical shelf presentation look to the more expensive full leather bindings) and the covers (boards) were Cloth covered - Leatherette.  These books also have a silk page marker, however all have decorative paper endpapers and not silk moiré.


Below is a list of Franklin Library Series:

 click on a link to see each series titles